What we do

Used Tower Crane Trading

     Our company sells South Korea's used tower crane anywhere in the world. Especially, We focus on Middle east and South east Asia's Market.

For your information, there are more than 1,500 units of 10 to 20-year old used tower crane in South Korea's Market in 2018.

If you are interested in buying used Tower Crane from South Korea, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Importing Brand New Tower Crane Makers 

     We genuinely prefer to work with Tower Crane Manufactured company which has very high Technical ability. We assume that South Korean Construction Market is going to need a Brand New Tower Crane in terms of Korean government Tower Crane's year of manufactured regulation and construction companies Tower Crane's year of manufactured ordered. As you know, Korean construction market is needed 12 Ton TowerCrane to build an apartment and Luffing Tower Crane for inner city jobsite in advanced Korean market. Therefore, the market is opened for every Brand New Tower Crane Makers. Let's make a big opportunity together.

Sharing South Korea's Tower Crane Market information worldwide

     Firstly, the construction companies in South Korea are looking at the government plan in 2018. We could not talk conclusively, but many people expect a construction recession in South Korea in the near future. Therefore, the tower crane rental cost in South Korea has been decreasing since middle of 2017.  As you know, used Tower Crane Market cost is linked in its rental cost.

(Korean housing market has reached a downturn since middle of 2017. It makes lots of Tower Crane being stack in the yard.)

      Secondly, Korean government is planning to ban the old used tower crane in 2018, because many tower crane accidents were issued in South Korea in 2017.

The government restriction on the ban on tower crane will be enforced especially based on the Tower Crane Year of Manufactured. 

(Most construction Companies have already started banning over 10 to 20-year old Tower Crane)